About Me


     My history in game design began when I attended CROEM, a boarding school that specialized in math and science education. Although simple, I began by designing basic tabletop role-playing games for my friends to play. It was all thanks to their positive reactions that I chose to pursue a career in game development. Unfortunately, in Puerto Rico, there were no academic opportunities that would have allowed me to achieve this goal. As a solution, I decided to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico with the goal of doing my Master's in Game Design once I graduated. There, I learned how to program and used my free electives to take basic courses in digital media and art.


     However, my passion for actually making games was not being satisfied; and after some planning I decided to move to Orlando and join the Game Design program at the University of Central Florida. I immediately knew I was where I needed to be. While I worked on my Bachelors, I also participated in game jams, extracurricular activities and volunteer work. With hard work, I managed to secure a job at the Institute of Training and Simulation under E2i Creative Studio. The next two years were spent improving my programming and game development skills as I tackled different assignments and projects of varying backgrounds and goals.

     Finally, I decided it was time for me to move on and further my education within Game Design. My dream was still to work at a game design company, after all.

     After two years of hard work, I was able to get a job in the AAA industry when I became a Technical Designer in the Madden Narrative Team at EA Tiburon.

     Now, I work at Shadow Health as a Technical Game Designer, where I make training simulations for Nursing students.

     In my free time I enjoy watching movies, playing and prototyping games, long-boarding and spending time with friends and family.

     I have also begun working on my own personal games under the name of Red Iron Games. Furthermore, I promote myself through participating in game jams and have also begun hosting my own jams in an attempt to get aspiring game developers experience in the industry and passionate about the world of game design. This work can be found

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